Massacre Spring Contest Winner: Leaving Its Mark On Us…

ImprintIMPRINT – by Amdi Silvestri!

Once again we had a rash of entries and it’s just chilling to see how many different stories one image can conjure.

Amdi receives the prize of an Amazon voucher for his winning entry and you will be able to read ‘Imprint’ in Issue 2 of Massacre Magazine in March.

Last time the decision was so close we chose a runner up – and we’ve done it again! Catch ‘One and Free’ by Dan Weatherer in the March issue.

Both stories will appear on the website shortly after the magazine’s release. Click on ‘Flash Fiction‘ to see previous winners. Perhaps YOU should have a go, too.

Take an early peek at the inspiration for Massacre’s Summer Fearsome Flashers’ contest in Issue 2 – coming soon!

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