Massacre Magazine’s Women in Horror – Day Three

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Issue Three of Massacre magazine featured the following great writers:

Anya J. Davis – Crow Bait

Anya J. Davis is a freelance copywriter and editor by day, spending her most of her time lost in a world of product descriptions and blog posts or growling about misused apostrophes. When darkness falls, she can be found sipping a glass of wine, listening to Skinny Puppy and Fields of the Nephilim, and writing tales of terror in a vain attempt at therapy to cure herself of her nightmares.

A graduate of the Open University, with a BA (Hons.) in Humanities including Literature, Anya lives in Devon, in the South West of England.

Anya is currently working on a collection of short horror stories and a novel.

You can find Anya here:
Twitter – @Traumahound23

Stephanie Ellis – One Way

S EllisStephanie Ellis is currently a Teaching Assistant in a Southampton secondary school but previously worked for many years as a technical author. Her short stories, firmly based in the horror genre, have found success with a variety of publishers and over the coming year will be found in the Fringeworks anthologies – Raus! Untoten!, Last Diner, Deadman’s Tales and Cadavers as well as the future Distorted Perceptions anthology by Death Throes Publishing.
She also dabbles in poetry (printed in local and national press) and has recently distorted a number of favourite childhood nursery rhymes into something darker and more sinister, these can be found on her own website.
Her own taste in reading varies widely from Terry Pratchett, to Bernard Cornwell to current favourite Neil Gaiman – and oh yes, Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe also get a look in.

Massacre Issue 3 Cover

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You can find out more about Stephanie Ellis here: (where she is also a staff reviewer)
Twitter – @el_stevie

And from Issue Four…

Rose Blackthorn – We Were Wolves

Rose Blackthorn lives in the high mountain desert of Eastern Utah with her boyfriend and two dogs, Boo and Shadow. She spends her time writing, reading, being crafty, and photographing the surrounding wilderness. An only child, she was lucky to have a mother who loved books, and has been surrounded by them her entire life. Thus instead of squabbling with siblings, she learned to be friends with her imagination and the voices in her head are still very much present.
She is a member of the HWA and has been published online and in print with Necon E-Books, Stupefying Stories, Buzzy Mag, Interstellar Fiction, SpeckLit, Jamais Vu and the anthologies The Ghost IS the Machine, A Quick Bite of Flesh, Fear the Abyss, The Best of the Horror Society 2013, Enter at Your Own Risk: The End is the Beginning, FEAR: Of the Dark and Equilibrium Overturned, among others.

You can find Rose Blackthorn here:
Twitter – @rose_blackthorn
Blog –
Facebook – Rose Blackthorn, Author
Amazon –

Alexandra Niculae – Survivor

Alexandra Niculae PicAlexandra Niculae – or “Dodo” as most people know her (no connection to the prehistoric feathered dinosaur whatsoever) – is a Romanian writer of haunting horror, fearsome fantasy and scary SF tales. She doesn’t shy away from the occasional venomous verse and has a knack for awesome alliterations.

She is a rapacious reader and thinks that the more books one devours, the more difficult it is to fabricate fresh fiction, as there are countless creative cerebrums out there. Nevertheless, as Stephen King says, “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

The 1972 movie “Horror Express” sparked Dodo’s love for all things thrilling and the fact that she comes from the land of the dashing, dazzling, deeply desirable Dracula worked in her favour as well. In her free time she enjoys a game of Scrabble, taking pictures of buildings in ruin and vividly visualizing venturesome vampires.

Massacre Issue 4 Cover

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You can find Alexandra Niculae here:
Facebook – Ale dodoshenia
Instagram – dodoshenia

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