Massacre Magazine’s Women in Horror – Day Four

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Issue Five’s Women in Horror…

Miranda Freeman – If You Believe It’s Real

miranda freemanMiranda Freeman writes short stories, novels, and odes to her miniature Australian Shepherd. She earned her B.A. in Linguistics and English from UCLA in 2012, and now attends graduate school in Boston. When she’s not writing or taking personal offence at the barbaric East Coast winters, she enjoys conquering crossword puzzles and abusing her Keurig privileges.

Find Miranda Freeman here:
Twitter: @mirandafreee

Laura A. Lord – To Procure A Break-up

Laura A LordLaura A. Lord is the author of numerous volumes of vignettes and poetry, including her newest collection, Perjury. Lord’s work focuses on picking out the smallest of moments and bringing them out with starling clarity and poignant imagery. She is the editor of the poetry publication, The Reverie. Her work has been featured in The Collegian, The Beacon, Whirl with Words, and Precipice.

Find Laura A. Lord here:
Facebook Group: Laura A Lord Readers
Goodreads: Laura A Lord
Google+: Laura A Lord
Independent Author Network
Twitter: @LauraAshleyLord

Stephanie Smith – Deliverance

Stephanie_SmithStephanie Smith has been a writer of the dark and surreal for 20 years, beginning with poetry, and, in most recent years, branching out into fiction. She has completed her first novella, Shade, and has begun work on a new book.

Outside of writing, Stephanie enjoys watching horror movies and devouring books. She is an avid fan of Star Trek, Monty Python, Cirque du Soleil, and Clive Barker. A self-proclaimed autodidact, she dreams of appearing on Jeopardy one day.

Find Stephanie Smith here:
Facebook: Stephanie Smith

Mandi S. Lockley – The Box

Mandi S. Lockley lives in London with her husband and two cats. She grew up in the foggy, post-industrial English Midlands where she watched too many scary movies from behind a cushion and slept with the light on. Nowadays she spends much of her spare time watching horror films in the dark and reading and writing genre fiction. She has also written extensively on the fascinating but contentious subject of astrology and has been published online, in e-book format and in journals and magazines and has even written about the astrology of horror. The Box is her first published work of fiction.

Find Mandi S. Lockley here:
Twitter: @Astroair


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