Massacre Publishing is open to submissions from writers of adult horror.

Massacre Publishing is a new publishing house starting up in a time of change. We have made the decision to produce a magazine to help new and emerging writers gain exposure. We don’t currently pay contributors but it is our intention to do so as we monetise the site and the magazine.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

And Massacre Magazine is no different. But with the decision made we intend to press on and grow as fast as is safe and sensible. What we need right now are short stories filled with fear and terror.

The best thing you can do right now is polish that manuscript.

Polish, polish, polish. It’s a good bit of advice because when we open your submission we want to be stunned – not just by a good story but by your writing skills. We love an original turn of phrase, the kind that stands out and begs to be noted, and we love to find a distinctive voice. In our view, a story, however short, cannot live on plot alone, and this is one of the reasons why Massacre was founded.

We are published writers of horror and dark fiction ourselves. Between us we have a total of over 30 years of experience in running businesses, writing, teaching creative writing, and editing. We are also avid readers of the genre. As writers, we know how hard it is for horrorists to get an agent and get published in the mainstream. As readers we find it difficult to get our hands on much at all that really satisfies our needs. Too often ‘horror’ turns out to be nothing more than a crime thriller or women’s fiction with a ghost thrown in among the soft furnishings and home-baked scones.

Massacre is different.

We want to find the very best new horror writers and try to help them. Let’s not mess about here; to make it big a writer still needs a decent agent and a reputable mainstream publisher. But it is probably harder to achieve that now than it ever has been, especially from a standing start. Yes, there are exceptions, but they are very few. If you want to make it, you need a way to get yourself seen and show that you mean business. Massacre aims to provide that first step..

So come on. Push the boundaries. Forget ‘safe’ fiction. Make us recoil and tremble – and in return we’ll do our damnedest to get you noticed.

Please read our submissions guidelines.