Issue Twelve

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Dark Fiction

Midnight Dialog – Timothy Wilkie
Hammock – Eldritch Thrum
Sclera – Hudson Wilding
Fetch – Christopher T. Hamel
Abandoned – Claire Loader
Sunset – Leonard Henry Scott
Migrant Son – C. C. Parker



Massacre Contributors

Timothy Wilkie – Midnight Dialog

Timothy Wilkie is a writer/artist, musician just relocated to Stone Ridge in upstate New York. He has two grown boys – Justin and Blake. He was raised in Arizona amongst the cactus and the tumbleweed.

The Horror Zine
The 1001 Arabian Nights – Nonbinary Review
Sweet Meat – Massacre Magazine Issue 9
Razor’s Edge – Massacre Magazine Issue 10
The Big Book of Bootleg Horror
Phil Slattery’s Horror Blog


Eldritch Thrum – Hammock

Jason Huddleston (under the pseudonym Eldritch Thrum) is a new writer within the horror genre – a genre he has studied and taught since graduate school, and in which he has indulged since childhood – the moment his grandmother first took him to the video store to rent VHS tapes of “scary movies” to watch together.

Huddleston is a professor of English, with a Ph.D. in literature and a few academic publications. He currently teaches as an Associate Professor at a beautiful college in Georgia. In addition to teaching (and now writing horror), he composes and performs original music.

Although most of his appetite for horror has been whet by films from this genre (particularly from the late 1970s / early 1980s), Huddleston remains inspired by the horrific and supernatural fiction of such writers as H.P. Lovecraft, Thomas Ligotti, and Richard Matheson.


Hudson Wilding – Sclera

Hudson Wilding is a native of Upstate New York. When she isn’t searching for new obscure horror films to analyze, she can be found studying English at UNC Chapel Hill.

You can also find Hudson here:
Twitter: @HudsonWilding

A Feast in Wolfsbane Woods – Body Parts Magazine
Bound – Infernal Ink (Forthcoming – April 2018)


Christopher T. Hamel – Fetch

Christopher T. Hamel is a compulsive writer, animal lover, and paperback hoarder living in eastern Connecticut. He has an odd reputation for walking around town and reading a book at the same time—even in winter weather. In 2013, he took a creative writing course at Quinebaug Valley Community College in Danielson, Connecticut. He now spends his time sharpening his prose style. Due to his own struggles with mental health, most of his work involves at least one character with some neurological problems, and he is also an active advocate for mental health. Married in October of this year, he lives with his wife, Alyssa, and her adorable guinea pig, Gizmo.

You can find Christopher here:
Facebook : AuthorChristopherTHamel
Twitter: @hamelct67

Omniscience – Massacre Magazine Issue 11
Black Raindrop – Morpheus Tales Issue 31


Claire Loader – Abandoned

Current Chief Duplication Officer at Motherhood Inc, while not looking after her son, Claire can be found traipsing amidst ruins and graveyards. A Kiwi, with a degree in Mandarin and Asian Studies, Claire lived for several years in China before being wooed to the West of Ireland where she now spends her time getting lost in its dark and magical places.

You can find Claire here:
Website –





Leonard Henry Scott – Sunset

Leonard Henry Scott was born and raised in the Bronx, New York where he attended Evander Childs, High School. He is a graduate of American University (BS) and the University of Maryland (MLS). Scott was on the staff of the Library of Congress for many years. His essays, poetry and fiction have appeared in various literary magazines. In addition to writing, Scott is also an artist who has exhibited and sold his broken glass pictures throughout the Washington Metropolitan area. He and his wife, Hattie presently live in National Harbor, Maryland.

Essays and Fiction
Untitled flash fiction – Garbanzo Literary Journal
Bridging My Fear – Still Crazy
The Weatherman – The MacGuffin
Smoker’s Cross – Wild Violet Literary Magazine
Something in the Cup – Foliate Oak Literary Magazine
An Almost Miracle – Potluck Magazine
Lou – The Storyteller Anthology Magazine
The Great Cockroach War – Corvus Review
The Oldest Living Person in the World – Crack the Spine
Gas Attack – Writing from Scars Publications (online, and is forthcoming in Down in the Dirt Magazine)

Every Writer Magazine; The Lyric; The Evansville Review; The Storyteller Anthology Magazine; Garbanzo Literary Journal


C. C. Parker – Migrant Son

C. C. Parker lives in the Seattle area. A writer of dark/experimental prose for the past twenty-five years, having published much in small press horror mags during the mid-to-late 90s and 2000s. More recently he’s appeared in Plinth (on-line), Massacre Magazine (print) and Saturnus, a self-published collection of prose poetry. Favoring a dense, hermetic style with a heavily symbolist bent. Daring to push boundaries of modern prose into something more akin to the decadent stylings of his forbears. A writer of both medieval and futuristic romances.

Three Fictions – Plinth
Chewing the Shroud – Massacre Magazine Issue 2