Issue Eight

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Dark Fiction

You Only Haunt Yourself – Ian Mullins
Stopover – Tom Thys
Walks – CJ Friend
The Gray Man – Steven Winters
Something’s Wrong With Mother – David J. Gibbs
Cat’s Whisker – Robert Mammone
This Night is Mine – Paul Holbrook
Five Days – Jeremy Simons


Massacre Contributors
Ian Mullins – You Only Haunt Yourself

Ian Mullins throws his towel into the ring from Liverpool, England. In between bouts of clerical work with a local hospital he writes stories, poems, novellas and novels in a variety of genres – anything that seems alive and almost kicking. His main meals are Campbell, Lovecraft and Ligotti, with side orders of Machen, Blackwood and Koja. The poems have found foster parents in over a hundred and fifty homes; the stories struggle to find even temporary accommodation. The novels are fast asleep on a park bench near you.

After The Show – Hellfire Crossroads
Joy Of The Worm – The Literary Hatchet
Nightfishing – Massacre Magazine Issue 4
Into The Woods – Hellfire Crossroads
That Smell – Black Petals
Laughter In The Shape Of A Guitar – UB (


Tom Thys – Stopover

Tom Thys PicTom Thys, born 1983, is the Belgian author of Volmaakt Monster, a collection of short stories. His frightening stories have won several prizes in Belgium and Holland. He is praised for his bizarre imagination and the ability to blend genres such as horror, dark fantasy and humour into compelling stories about the decay of both body and mind.

As a child, when he was supposed to sleep, he convinced his mom it was ok to join her watching The X-Files. That’s when his interest for horror movies started to manifest. By the age of fourteen he visited the local video library every weekend to find himself mesmerized by the creepy VHS-covers lined up. Later on, in his twenties, he started writing movie reviews for several blogs and magazines. When he thought he had watched every scary movie there was to see, he started inventing his own scenarios.

Stopover was translated by Myrthe Meisner

Find Tom here:

Volmaakt Monster – Uitgeverij Zilverspoor


CJ Friend – Walks

CJ PicCJ Friend is the author of many fiction and nonfiction publications and short stories. His story, Fathers as Boys, was a finalist for the 2014 VanderMey Nonfiction prize. He enjoys all manner of sports, music, and the wonder of creation. He has a wanderlust that refuses to be satisfied, and as a result has lived in Europe for over eighteen years. He welcomes all constructive dialogue at

Find CJ here:
Twitter – @RunningCJ

BallooneesUnder the Bed, June 2014
Familiar FaceHeater, January 2015
Dedication accepted by “Tales to Terrify” in August 2014, podcast in development


Steven Winters – The Gray Man

Steven lives in Homosassa, FL, and is currently going to the College of Central Florida for his degree in English Literature.

Weight of a Crown, Antihero, Hypno’s Lullaby – In the Write Mind


David J. Gibbs – Something’s Wrong With Mother

DavidJGibbs picFueled by imagination and the search of the unknown, Cincinnati native David J. Gibbs looks for the lost threads of stories wherever they might be. Never losing touch with the wonder and magic of childhood, he continues to push the limits of imagination with stories that will excite, delight, scare and, most of all, surprise his readers.

His work has appeared in Sanitarium Magazine, The Sirens Call, Under The Bed, New Realm, Massacre Magazine, Aphelion, and Nebula Rift. He has also published two collections of short speculative fiction entitled A Taste of the Grave and Once, Twice, Thrice as well as a novel entitled The Walking Man. His work has also appeared, or will be soon appearing, in the following anthologies; Dark Monsters, Tales From The Grave, Hidden in Plain Sight and Creepy Campfire Quarterly.

 Find David here:

Sunlight – Massacre Magazine Issue 7
Charity Case – Tales from The Grave anthology, Zimbell House Publishing
Flora Rose Blooms – Tales From The Grave, Zimbell House Publishing
Taste of the Grave – Short story collection, CreateSpace
Once, Twice, Thrice – Novella collection, CreateSpace
For more info please see David’s Amazon page


Robert Mammone – Cat’s Whisker

Robert lives in Melbourne, Australia. When he’s not up late tapping away at his keyboard, he can be found in the garden, wrestling Triffids and other strange beasties…

Find Robert here:
Twitter: @DreadSinister

Doctor Who Magazine #214 (Marvel)
Midnight Echo
Darker Minds & Darkest Minds (Dark Minds Press)
Ill at Ease 2
Winter Shivers (Inkstained Succubus)
2010 BFS Winter Journal (British Fantasy Society)


Paul Holbrook – This Night is Mine

Paul Holbrook PicPaul Holbrook is a writer from North Yorkshire.

His latest novel ‘Domini Mortum’ is currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign by the publisher Unbound. Paul needs as many pledges of support as possible in order for the novel to be published. (See link below).

Domini Mortum is a Supernatural murder mystery novel set in late nineteenth century London and was written based on Paul’s love of the Hammer and Amicus films of the sixties and seventies.

He currently spends his days working at a secondary school, supporting the development of the next Great British generation and his nights cackling maniacally to himself and plotting and planning the next Great British novel.

Find Paul here:
Twitter: @CPHolbrook


Massacre Magazine
Issue 1 – Chain Me Not In Heaven
Issue 2 – My Search for Perfection
Issue 3 – Why Can’t I Wipe It All Away?
Issue 5 – Can You Hear The Music Of The Earth?


Jeremy Simons – Five Days

Jeremy Simons PicJeremy Simons lives with his wife and three daughters in Grayson, Louisiana. He writes constantly in his free time across the horror and paranormal genres. He hopes to someday become a full-time author.

His works have appeared across the web with Carnage Conservatory, Aphelion-webzine, The Horror Zine, Voices from a Coma, Hellfire Crossroads, Short-Story.Me and in print with October’s End and the X3 anthology (both from Horrified Press). His debut novella Buried Alive (from Twilight Terror Press) can be found on Amazon and Smashwords in both print and ebook.

Find Jeremy here:
Twitter: @jeremi1986

A Dead Man Tells No Tales –
Beware of Hitchhikers –
Beware of Hitchhikers II –
The Man in The Hills – Voices from a Coma
Lifeless Lane – The Horror Zine (website and Summer 2014 print edition)
White Christmas – Hellfire Crossroads Volume 4
Trick or Treat – October’s End anthology
The Woman in Red – X3 anthology
Buried Alive – Amazon and Smashwords
Untold Tale – Amazon and Smashwords