Issue Five

January 2015

Massacre Issue 5

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Dark Fiction and Verse
Fox Glen Road – Zachary Seibert
Can You Hear The Music Of The Earth? – Paul Holbrook
If You Believe It’s Real – Miranda Freeman
To Procure a Break-Up – Laura A. Lord
The Cathedral – Chris Capps
Deliverance – Stephanie Smith
Pain Management – Patrick R. Moody
The Box – Mandi S. Lockley

Massacre Contributors
Zachary Seibert – Fox Glen Road

Zachary SeibertZachary Seibert is most likely a figment of his own imagination. He is the creator of the Vast Land, an original setting assembled from loose bits of cosmology and mysterious ruins, and is co-author of the upcoming Calefactory series with Chris Capps. He lives on coffee and speculative fiction at a desk in his pre-frontal cortex, which has a very good view of the midwestern United States.

Find Zachary Seibert here:
Twitter: @ZASeibert


The Salt Gates Run
The Roaming Fane
A Rattle in the Crossbones
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Paul Holbrook – Can You Hear The Music Of The Earth?

dv coverPaul Holbrook (Demi-God, Freedom Fighter, Cannibal and Liar) writes because he has to. If he didn’t release the foul images and wicked thoughts from his mind then there would very soon be police, profilers and TV reporters swarming all over his house.

He doesn’t like people as a rule, so this would really annoy him.

Paul is currently fighting the world to get his first novel published, It is a battle which has become a war, and it is a war that he will win. The novel, Memento Mori, is a dark Victorian gothic tale of murder and post-mortem photography.

He is also putting the finishing touches to his second novel, Domini Mortum. (He thinks that two more chapters and twelve more murders should do it).

Find Paul Holbrook here:

Twitter: @CPHolbrook
Facebook: Memento Mori
Facebook: Domini Mortum


The Book of the Dead – Caraticus P. Holbrook
A collection of horror poems and shorts stories

Chain Me Not In Heaven – Massacre 1
My Search for Perfection – Massacre 2
Why Can’t I Wipe It All Away? – Massacre 3


Miranda Freeman – If You Believe It’s Real

miranda freemanMiranda Freeman writes short stories, novels, and odes to her miniature Australian Shepherd. She earned her B.A. in Linguistics and English from UCLA in 2012, and now attends graduate school in Boston. When she’s not writing or taking personal offence at the barbaric East Coast winters, she enjoys conquering crossword puzzles and abusing her Keurig privileges.

Find Miranda Freeman here:
Twitter: @mirandafreee


The Uninvited Guest – Lunch Ticket


Laura A. Lord – To Procure A Break-up

Laura A LordLaura A. Lord is the author of numerous volumes of vignettes and poetry, including her newest collection, Perjury. Lord’s work focuses on picking out the smallest of moments and bringing them out with starling clarity and poignant imagery. She is the editor of the poetry publication, The Reverie. Her work has been featured in The Collegian, The Beacon, Whirl with Words, and Precipice.

Find Laura A. Lord here:
Facebook Group: Laura A Lord Readers
Goodreads: Laura A Lord
Google+: Laura A Lord
Independent Author Network
Twitter: @LauraAshleyLord


Wake Up a Woman
History of a Woman
The Telling
The T-Rex that Ruined My Day
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Chris Capps – The Cathedral

Chris CappsChris Capps is an independent author who writes strange fiction, horror, and pulpy terrestrial SciFi. His big project in 2013 was the independent horror novel Our War with Molly Nayfack, and he split his time between that and the high tech apocalyptic Ebon the Waste series. In 2014 he returned primarily to short fiction. In addition to working with the NovoPulp community, Chris is finalizing development of an episodic, genre-conscious horror/comedy series with Zachary Seibert called Calefactory. Chris Capps has a birthmark in the cornea of his left eye.

The Cathedral

Image: Chris Capps

Find Chris Capps here: Twitter: @cappswriting
Google+: +ChrisCapps
Facebook Group for Calefactory:
Facebook Group for Our War with Molly Nayfack:



Our War with Molly Nayfack
Beware the Well Fed Man
Life and Limb



Stephanie Smith – Deliverance


Stephanie Smith has been a writer of the dark and surreal for 20 years, beginning with poetry, and, in most recent years, branching out into fiction. She has completed her first novella, Shade, and has begun work on a new book.

Outside of writing, Stephanie enjoys watching horror movies and devouring books. She is an avid fan of Star Trek, Monty Python, Cirque du Soleil, and Clive Barker. A self-proclaimed autodidact, she dreams of appearing on Jeopardy one day.

Find Stephanie Smith here:
Facebook: Stephanie Smith


Dreams of Dali – Flutter Press


Patrick R. Moody – Pain Management

Patrick R MoodyPatrick R. Moody, a CT native, usually writes for the young adult audience, but has been known to go a bit darker every now and then. When not busy translating the Necronomicon, prowling the local bookstores, or lounging around with his cats, you can find him hard at work on his third novel.


Find Patrick R. Moody here:

Twitter: @PatMoody2




Mandi S. Lockley – The Box

Mandi S. Lockley lives in London with her husband and two cats. She grew up in the foggy, post-industrial English Midlands where she watched too many scary movies from behind a cushion and slept with the light on. Nowadays she spends much of her spare time watching horror films in the dark and reading and writing genre fiction. She has also written extensively on the fascinating but contentious subject of astrology and has been published online, in e-book format and in journals and magazines and has even written about the astrology of horror. The Box is her first published work of fiction.

Find Mandi S. Lockley here:
Twitter: @Astroair