Issue Four

September 2014

Massacre Issue 4 Cover



Autumn Flash Fiction
Only the Good Burn Brightly – Dan Weatherer
We Were Wolves – Rose Blackthorn

Dark Fiction and Verse
Digger – Jake Swan
Sun Burn – Greg Cole
Moonstruck – Wilson F Engel III
Night Fishing – Ian Mullins
Survivor – Alexandra Niculae
Laura – A. A. Medina
Cuz – Alan Murdock


Massacre Contributors

Dan Weatherer – Only the Good Burn Brightly

Dan Weatherer Award winning author Dan Weatherer (aka Father Darkness,) was first discovered and published by Haunted Magazine in Spring, 2013. His first tale ‘The Legend of the Chained Oak’ was an immediate success and was made into a short film which won the ‘Best UK Short Film’ award at the Stoke Your Fires Film Festival 2014. The film featured at numerous film festivals around the world during 2014. The premiere screening took place in his home town of Cheadle, Staffordshire, where he kindly donated all of the proceeds to local charities.
Aside from the publication of numerous short stories with a multitude of presses, his next major project was a solo collection of short stories titled ‘The Soul That Screamed’ (Winner of the Preditors & Editors™ Readers’ Poll ‘Best Anthology 2013’.)
He also occasionally writes short stories for children. ‘Gilbert’s Well’ and ‘A Quest for Noah’ have both appeared in charity anthologies.
His second collection ‘Only The Good Burn Bright’ is complete and he is currently in discussion with a number of publishers regarding its release. This book shall be the first that appears under the ‘Father Darkness Brand.’
He is currently working on a screenplay for a major Hollywood Franchise and has also written a full length script for a feature length version of ‘Legend of The Chained Oak.’ There are also plans to turn more of his already published short stories into films that will involve local film producers/actors etc.

Writer and co-producer of the short filmThe Legend of the Chained Oak (Weatherer/Maynard Productions) Winner of the Best UK Short Film at Stoke Your Fires Film Festival 2014 and Best Horror at Portobello Film Festival 2014
Future Screenings: Bram Stoker International Film Festival, Whitby, 23rd-27th October 2014.

Dan lives in Staffordshire, where is married to his beautiful wife Jenni and is a (proud) full time dad to his daughter Bethany. They are expecting the birth of their first son this coming September (2014.)

You can find out more about Dan Weatherer here:
Website –
Facebook – Father Darkness – Author
Official site for The Legend of the Chained Oak –


Rose Blackthorn – We Were Wolves

Rose Blackthorn lives in the high mountain desert of Eastern Utah with her boyfriend and two dogs, Boo and Shadow. She spends her time writing, reading, being crafty, and photographing the surrounding wilderness. An only child, she was lucky to have a mother who loved books, and has been surrounded by them her entire life. Thus instead of squabbling with siblings, she learned to be friends with her imagination and the voices in her head are still very much present.
She is a member of the HWA and has been published online and in print with Necon E-Books, Stupefying Stories, Buzzy Mag, Interstellar Fiction, SpeckLit, Jamais Vu and the anthologies The Ghost IS the Machine, A Quick Bite of Flesh, Fear the Abyss, The Best of the Horror Society 2013, Enter at Your Own Risk: The End is the Beginning, FEAR: Of the Dark and Equilibrium Overturned, among others.

You can find Rose Blackthorn here:
Twitter – @rose_blackthorn
Blog –
Facebook – Rose Blackthorn, Author
Amazon –


Jake Swan – Digger

Jake Swan PicJake Swan works as a physician in Saint John, New Brunswick. His short story The Old Man was published in the Telegraph Journal Reader. During his four year stint in medical school, he wrote a humour column for the MUN Med News. Jake’s hobbies include mushroom picking, playing the air guitar during his commute to and from work and good-natured cynicism.
When asked where he learned to write, with a cryptic smile, Jake will respond, “The school of hard knocks.” When pressed on the subject, he will admit that he doesn’t know what that means, exactly, and only said it because it sounded “cool”.

Find more about Jake Swan here:
Facebook – jake.swan.39

Previous Publications

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Family Member – Short Story, MUN Med News
Fatherhood and Fatness – Short Story, Motherhood and Fitness Website
Loathsome Things – Novel, not yet published
There Are Worse Things Than Loneliness – Massacre Magazine, Issue 1The Long Pier – Massacre Magazine – Issue Three


Greg Cole – Sun Burn

gregcole PicGreg Cole lives and works out of the southeast of England and spends the majority of his time in the dark stitching together bloody horror stories and viewing gore on the internet.
Sometimes there is tea and biscuits.






You can find out more about Greg Cole on his bog:

Previous Publications

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The Box House – short story via Curiosity Quills
Cavalcades of Cadavers – Strange Sex II Anthology via Strange House Books
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 Wilson F Engel, III – Moonstruck

Author Dr. Wilson F. Engel, III, was born in Long Beach, California, and now resides and writes in Gilbert, Arizona. A Distinguished Member of the International Society of Poets, Dr. Engel has over 250 poems in print and online. He is the author of eight books of poetry – five illustrated by his wife artist Dr. Charlene Stant Engel, three novels (one an on-line collaboration), a critical edition, numerous collections of short stories, a film script, a play, and over 250 literary essays, study guides, articles, notes, letters and reviews.

Dr. Engel is interested in the post-modern ethos and in the effects of advanced artificial intelligence software, particularly when integrated with robotics, on the human condition. He is also Editor of The Tightfisted Scot Advisory Newsletter. A scholar as well as a teacher, Dr. Engel is listed in The Directory of American Scholars. See wickengel at for further biographical details.


Ian Mullins – Night Fishing

Ian Mullins was washed up on the Liverpool shoreline many years ago. He continues to scan the ocean looking for a ride home. Until that happens he continues to write stories and poems, any kind of graffitti he can turn his spray can to. Perhaps one day it will begin to make sense.

Previous Publications

That Smell – Black Petals #65
Into The Woods – Hellfire Crossroads Volume 2
The Dog Outside The Palace Gates – (on-line chapbook, by The Camel Saloon)


Alexandra Niculae – Survivor

Alexandra Niculae PicAlexandra Niculae – or “Dodo” as most people know her (no connection to the prehistoric feathered dinosaur whatsoever) – is a Romanian writer of haunting horror, fearsome fantasy and scary SF tales. She doesn’t shy away from the occasional venomous verse and has a knack for awesome alliterations.

She is a rapacious reader and thinks that the more books one devours, the more difficult it is to fabricate fresh fiction, as there are countless creative cerebrums out there. Nevertheless, as Stephen King says, “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

The 1972 movie “Horror Express” sparked Dodo’s love for all things thrilling and the fact that she comes from the land of the dashing, dazzling, deeply desirable Dracula worked in her favour as well. In her free time she enjoys a game of Scrabble, taking pictures of buildings in ruin and vividly visualizing venturesome vampires.

You can find Alexandra Niculae here:
Facebook – Ale dodoshenia
Instagram – dodoshenia

Previous Publications

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GAZETA SF – stories and article to be found here:
Kiev: Turbulente turistice (Travel Review – Kiev: Touristic Turbulences)
Albastrul din privire (The Blue in the Gaze)
Rapit de nori (Kidnapped by Clouds)
Dosar clasat (Case Closed)
Pielea ta ca pacatul…(Your Skin Like Sin)
Pentru lacrimile Liviei (For Livia’s Tears)
Povestea pe care nu o stie nimeni (The Story No One Knows)

Revista de Suspans – stories to be found here:
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Pe undele Istriei (On Istria’s Wavelength) – stories to be found here:
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Balul egiptean (The Egyptian Ball)
Cei care gonesc cu vantul (The Ones Who Run With The Wind)
Apa destinuli (Water of Destiny)

Gazeta SF 2014 Anthology Bumerangul lui Zeeler

Best of Mystery and Horror #1 – Revista de Suspans Anthology (paperback) Herg Benet publishing house


A. A. Medina – Laura

A. A. Medina was born, raised and still resides in Phoenix, Arizona. After high school, he had his first bout with college majoring in sociology and journalism. When asked why he chose this major, he replied “To know thy enemy”. Dropping out during his second year, he decided to focus on his career in music. As the lead vocalist, bassist and lyricist, his band Kama-Mara released three albums; Venomous Trance, Mortal Angst and most recently The Great Affliction.
An uber-fan of sci-fi, fantasy and horror: A.A. Medina’s writing career is in its infancy. This is his first attempt at flash fiction in prose format; his main objective is to become an established comic book writer. In 2014, A.A. Medina decided to take another shot at college, this time attempting to obtain a Bachelors in creative writing. Laura is his first published work of fiction.

You can find A. A. Medina here:
Facebook – A. A. Medina


Alan Murdock – Cuz

Alan Murdock is a writer of horror, sci-fi, and other weird fiction. He lives with his wife and daughter in New England, but is a frequent visitor to the fictional town of Haven Falls, Connecticut. When not reading or writing, he enjoys spending time with his family, watching the Red Sox, and drinking beer – usually all at once.

You can find Alan here:
Twitter – @AlanMurdock13


Verisimilitude will be appearing in Fantasy Scroll Magazine