Issue Fourteen

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Dark Fiction

Turning a Trick – Steven Holding
Sleep Tight – Jonathan L. Tolstedt
Muse – David Paul Hofmeister
The Courage to Die – Rachel M. Love
Deadfall – Mike Rader
Katawaredoki – George Aitch
Don’t Look – Dmitry Kostyukevich
Pick Up – M. A. Smith
The Day I Quit – Levi Daniel Smith
A Terrible Thing – Brian Michael Riley


Massacre Contributors

Steven Holding – Turning a Trick

Steven Holding lives with his family in Northamptonshire in the United Kingdom. His stories have been published in Trembling With Fear, Friday Flash Fiction, Theatre Cloud and Ad Hoc Fiction. He has been short listed in several writing competitions including Flash 500, The Henshaw Prize, Exeter Flash Fiction, Writestars, TSS Publishing and others. His short story Until the End of the World was the winning entry in the Writing Magazine 2016 Open Short Story Competition. In 2017 one of his monologues was selected to be performed at Northampton’s Royal Theatre, while his adaptation of Alice In Wonderland was performed at Northampton’s Derngate Theatre by the Open Stage Performing Arts Company. Most recently, his story Three Chords and the Truth received first place in the Inktears 2018 Flash Fiction Competition. He is currently working upon several projects, including further short fiction and a novel.

You can find Steven here:


Jonathan L. Tolstedt – Sleep Tight

Jonathan Tolstedt is an inventor and patent agent living in St. Paul, Minnesota. As an inventor, Jonathan has six US patents. He has published several papers in technical journals and books, as well as a number of articles in industry magazines. Although this is his first published work of fiction, he received second place for a science fiction story entitled “Emergence” in a competition sponsored by the online crowdsourcing website Each day, while waiting for the coffee to kick in, Jonathan posts one original haiku, six-word story, and pun on his Twitter account. Jonathan is married to a goddess, and has two sons of whom he is very proud, five-year-old Dragon and grown-up Maxwell.

You can find Jonathan here:
Twitter: @SkilledInTheArt


David Paul Hofmeister – Muse

David Hofmeister lives amongst the hellish heat of Arizona. After this blazing weather forced him indoors, it was here that he first began his love affair with all things horror. One which still exists to this day.

You can find David here:
Facebook: david.hofmeister1


Rachel M. Love – The Courage to Die

You can find Rachel here:
Twitter: @Rachel_Lve

No More







Mike Rader – Deadfall

James Aitchison, an Australian author and poet, writes adult horror and noir crime under the pseudonym Mike Rader. Under the pseudonym James Lee, Aitchison also writes horror and mystery series for middle readers in Asia. These best-selling children’s books have sold more than three million copies and are translated into Chinese, Malay, Vietnamese, and Thai.

You can find James’ work as James Lee here:

Mr Midnight, A Horror Series for Children & the Mr Mystery Series Flame of the Forest



George Aitch – Katawaredoki

George is a writer from Blackheath. His short stories have been published both online and in print with publications such as Storgy, The Crazy Oik and Liar’s League.

He has contributed essays to Litro and the British Journal of Psychiatry on witchcraft and philosophy.

Party, Through A Glass Divide – Confluence (Issue 7)
BushelTigerShark (Issue 17)
Splashing OutCrazy Oik (Issue 38)
TalonsJotters United
I am a WormLiar’s League
On Margaret IslandJotters United


Dmitry Kostyukevich – Don’t Look

Dmitry Kostyukevich is a horror writer based in Belarus. He is known for his intellectual horror stories. He is the author of three novels and more than a hundred short stories. His most significant publications include the novel Ryder’s Ethics (co-authored with Alexey Zharkov), a collection of science fiction stories The Road Back, and regular contributions to the annual Russian horror anthology The Scariest Book. He is also the literary editor for DARKER, the largest horror webzine in Russia (

“Don’t Look” was translated by Oleg Hasanov.

You can find Dmitry here:


Ryder’s Ethics (co-authored with Alexey Zharkov) – Ridero Publishing
The Road Back – Ridero Publishing
Dread (a collection of horror short stories co-authored with Alexey Zharkov) – Ridero Publishing


M. A. Smith – Pick Up

A. Smith’s strange short fiction has appeared in magazines including Mythic, Outposts of Beyond and Gathering Storm, and her flash fiction tale ‘Plain Sight’ was selected as a finalist for Havok Magazine’s ‘Monsters v Robots’ contest issue. Her debut novella, ‘Severance,’ was published earlier this year by Fantasia Divinity.

You can find M. A. Smith here:
Facebook: @masmithwriting

SeveranceFantasia Divinity


Levi Daniel Smith – The Day I Quit

Levi is an electrician by day and a writer of dark stories until far too late at night. An emerging author, he lives in Ohio with his wife and two children.

You can find Levi here:







Brian Michael Riley – A Terrible Thing

Brian Michael Riley’s fiction and non-fiction has appeared most recently in Deadman’s Tome, Every Day Fiction, The Fix, Page & Spine, and Gay Flash Fiction. Also an illustrator, director, and educator, he lives in the San Francisco Bay area.

You can find Brian here:
& @brianmrileydotcom
Instagram: @mmallow_m

TroughDeadman’s Tome
After These MessagesEvery Day Fiction
Big BusinessGay Flash Fiction
Also due to be published in Stinkwaves Magazine Autumn 2019