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December 2013

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Rupert Smith – Author of GRIM

Flash Fiction
Burning Questions – Matt Harrah
The Voice – Jake Sheridan

Point of View
Horror is for Boys…  – Tracy Kuhn

Savage Work – Marc E Fitch
Chain me not in Heaven – Paul Holbrook
There Are Worse Things Than Loneliness – Jake Swan
Head of the House – Steve Emmett
Demon Darkling – Dana Wright
Safe Harbour – Julia Kavan

The Ripper – Anthony Crowley

Spring Contest


Meet author Rupert Smith, as writer Steve Emmett grills him about his first horror novel – GRIM.

Grim Cover


Massacre Contributors

Tracy Kuhn – Horror is for Boys…

Tracy Kuhn PicTracy Kuhn is a freelance writer and editor who lives in York, England, with her husband and two daughters. She’s always written short stories and gets her inspiration from being generally nosey. She only recently came out as a fiction writer and has had several short stories published under a pen name, in a variety of magazines. She has a flash fiction story in an anthology and has had several stories published by Ether Books.
She has also had several pieces of non-fiction published. She has recently found herself in the world of YA horror after re-discovering her cache of horror novels from her teens, and is currently halfway through her first novel.
She spends far too much time on Twitter and Facebook and recently started a blog which is supposed to be about writing, but usually ends up a little bit ranty.

You can find more about Tracy Kuhn here:

Previous Publications

100 RPM – One Hundred Stories Inspired By Music
The Journey
Published by Ether Books

Shoes – Women Writers
I’m not a Feminist but… – Women Writers


Marc E Fitch – Savage Work

Marc E Fitch picMarc E. Fitch is a graduate of the Western Connecticut State University Master of Fine Arts Program.  He has been the recipient of the W.C.S.U. Barbara Winder Award and the Connecticut Review’s Leslie Leeds Poetry Award.  He is the author of Paranormal Nation: Why America Needs Ghosts, UFOs, and Bigfoot (Praeger) and the novel Old Boone Blood. His fiction has appeared in such publications as ThugLit, The Big Click, eHorror, The Connecticut Review, and in Cezanne’s Carrot. He is a contributor to American Thinker and the Republican-American. Marc has also just signed a contract for his new horror/thriller novel, Paradise Burns, which is to be published by Damnation Books. He currently lives in Harwinton, CT with his wife and four children and works in the field of mental health.

You can find out more about Marc E Fitch on his website:

Previous Publications

Paranormal Nation: Why America Needs Ghosts, UFO’s and Bigfoot – Praeger
Old Boone Blood –
Altar Boys – The Big Click
Monster – ThugLit
Dirty Water – eHorror
The Hit-Man – A Twist of Noir
The Lost Ear of Corn – Cezanne’s Carrot
Head of the Meadow – Prick of the Spindle
No Justice, No Peace… Ever – American Thinker
Trouble in the Dirty Water – American Thinker


Paul Holbrook – Chain me not in Heaven

dv cover

Paul Holbrook has had a terrible problem for a great many years.  His mind is tormented with visions; horrible, desperate images and disturbing ideas bursting from within his troubled psyche.  On the advice of his psychotherapist, (who will only have telephone contact after a regrettable incident), he decided to write them down rather than acting on them.  His family and friends are grateful.
Paul has recently completed his first novel ‘Memento Mori’, a dark Victorian gothic tale of murder and post-mortem photography.
During daylight hours, he manages to hold down a job, something which provides him with no end of inspiration.  In the darkness of the night however he can be heard cackling maniacally and expressing his darker side.
He is currently writing a novella about a man who smiles when he kills and pops his eyes out to relax between murders.
Please enjoy his work. It is his medicine.

You can find Paul Holbrook on Facebook: and follow him on Twitter:

Previous Publications

The Book of the Dead – Caraticus P. Holbrook.  A collection of horror poems and shorts stories.


Jake Swan – There Are Worse Things Than Loneliness

Jake Swan Pic

Jake Swan works as a physician in Saint John, New Brunswick. His short story The Old Man was published in the Telegraph Journal Reader. During his four year stint in medical school, he wrote a humour column for the MUN Med News. Jake’s hobbies include mushroom picking, playing the air guitar during his commute to and from work and good-natured cynicism.
When asked where he learned to write, with a cryptic smile, Jake will respond, “The school of hard knocks.” When pressed on the subject, he will admit that he doesn’t know what that means, exactly, and only said it because it sounded “cool”.

Find more about Jake Swan here:
and you can find him on Facebook, too:

Previous Publications

The Old Man – Short Story, Telegraph Journal Reader
Family Member – Short Story, MUN Med News
Fatherhood and Fatness – Short Story, Motherhood and Fitness Website
Loathsome Things – Novel, not yet published


Steve Emmett – Head of the House

Steve Emmett picSteve Emmett studied at the Architectural Association in London where he once witnessed Dame Zaha Hadid fall through a canvas chair (admittedly she was just plain Ms Hadid then). He spent most of his working life selling Italian country homes to northern Europeans and Americans, and spent many years living in London and Italy. He will always be grateful to Lehman Bros for wrecking his comfortable existence and providing him with the opportunity to fulfil his writerly ambitions. Steve grew up on Hammer Horror films, Dennis Wheatley and M R James stories, so not surprising that his main aim is to put the frighteners up his readers. When not scaring people he likes to make them smile.

He is a member of the Society of Authors, the British Humanist Association, and reviews for the New York Journal of Books.

You can learn more about Steve Emmett here:

Previous Publications

A-Z of Understanding Italians
The Devil is in the Detail – Dark Recesses Ezine


Dana Wright – Demon Darkling

Dana and Tadpole 2013Dana has always had a fascination with things that go bump in the night.  It began with two cut out Halloween decorations of Dracula and his Bride that she kept up year round, much to the concern of her parents. Writing and reading have always been her passion. She is often found playing at the local bookstore where she works as a manager. In her off hours, she tries not to maim herself with crochet hooks or knitting needles, watching scary monster movies with her husband and furry kids or blogging about books. More commonly, she is chained to her computers, writing like a woman possessed. Coffee and chocolate at the ready, she loves to read and is pretty sure her to be read pile will one day crush her in her sleep. She is currently working on two young adult fiction novels and a menagerie of horror stories.

You can find Dana Wright here:

Previous Publications

Dana is a contributing author to Siren’s Call E-zine in their “Women In Horror” issue in February 2013 and “Revenge” in October 2013, a contributing author to Potatoes! (upcoming), Wonderstruck Anthology, Shifters: A Charity Anthology and the Roms, Bombs and Zoms Anthology due in late 2013 from Evil Girlfriend Media, along with several other top secret projects. Dana also reviews music for specializing in New Age and alternative music and has been a contributing writer to Fabricoh Magazine, Nightmare Illustrated (upcoming), Pagan Living Magazine, The Were Traveler October 2013 edition: The Little Magazine of Magnificent Monsters, and has had a poem published in the new edition of Eternal Haunted Summer.


Julia Kavan – Safe Harbour

JK cropBorn in the University city of Cambridge, England, Julia has spent most of her life living in Cambridgeshire – atmospheric and the perfect inspiration for ghost stories.
She loves exploring the darker side of human nature, writing psycho-sexual and psychological thrillers, horror and supernatural mysteries.
She finds inspiration in the British landscape, art, photography and music.  When she isn’t writing you can find her rambling (or tripping over) in forests or being crushed against the barriers at a rock gig – she loves the great outdoors and deafening music equally (and has a death wish…really, she’s too old for gigs).
She has also taught creative writing classes for over ten years, whilst writing screenplays, tackling novels and experimenting with short stories.

You can find out more about Julia Kavan here:

Previous Publications

Dreaming, Not Sleeping – a short story included in the anthology Touched by Darkness from Etopia Press (No longer available).


Anthony Crowley – The Ripper

anthony crowleyAnthony Crowley is an author of horror and supernatural literature, and a non-fiction author of esoteric studies and philosophy. He also writes poetry, magazine articles, website blogs and song lyrics, and composes a little music. His new novel The Mirrored Room is out soon, and a new website is due sometime this year. He is also the author of the best seller The Light Of Keeps Passage (2010)

His other hobbies are creating art and illustrations, and photography. The Fallen Angel dark verse literature recently featured in Sanitarium Magazine, Issue 014, which was also mentioned in a Halloween special ‘Devils Jukebox’ radio podcast, presented by Doctor Snake-voodoo Witchdoctor.

You can find out more about Anthony Crowley here:

Previous Publications

Sanitarium – Issue 014

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The Light of Keeps Passage


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