Issue Six

April 2015

Massacre Issue 6 Cover

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Dark Fiction and Verse

Grandpa’s House – Daniel Marrone
The Hallway Hungers – Michael Tugendhat
Underneath – Calvin Demmer
Living Space – J. Kimber
The Home – Paul Michael Moreau
The Old Ones – Fr. Kevin Pentalow


Massacre Contributors
Daniel Marrone – Grandpa’s House

Danny has immersed himself in the world of horror since a very young age when he first discovered the film, “Night of the Living Dead.” Since then, he has spent his free time reading, writing, and watching horror. To him, there is nothing more fun than being scared out of your mind, a feeling he hopes to share with his readers. He works as a hospital receptionist in New Jersey, with dreams of writing full-time.


Michael Tugendhat – The Hallway Hungers

Michael Tugendhat

Michael Tugendhat won the 2014 Dark Poetry Scholarship offered by the HWA. His debut book, THEY, was released in 2015 by James Ward Kirk, and he is a graduate of the University of Glasgow’s creative writing program. He likes all types of horror. Starting with Edward Lee and extreme horror, he quickly realized there was a world of depravation he was not aware of, then moved to Ketchum for more depravity, but hey, it’s pretty darn good writing too. A whole lot of Keene, Kenyon, Boston, and Clegg later and he found enough inspiration to pen his own work, many times honoring those masters who came before. He just completed a first fiction collection, Horror Fan Boy, which embodies this idea. When not writing he is reading or thinking of writing. In 2015 he will go for his MFA in poetry or fiction.

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Twitter: @tugendhm


THEY, James Ward Kirk (poetry collection)
Three Poems, The Galway Review
The Rats, Beyond Borderlands
For Poe, Burial Day Books


Calvin Demmer – Underneath

Calvin DemmerCalvin Demmer is a freelance writer, currently residing in South Africa. When not writing, he is intrigued by that which goes bump in the night and the sciences of our universe.





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Heartless – Sanitarium Magazine Issue 29
Faster – Amazon


J. Kimber – Living Space

J. Kimber’s fiction has appeared in several anthologies and her passions are curling up with F. Scott Fitzgerald, Paul Auster, Edgar Allen Poe or Stephen King. She is currently studying for a degree in Humanities, lives in London, misses the sea and likes getting lost in the woods.


Having Myself A Time – Typical Girls, Ed. Susan Corrigan, Pub. Hodder and Stoughton
A Cake Story – Getting Even: Tales of Revenge, Ed. Mitzi Szereto, Pub. Serpent’s Tail
Hurt – Massacre Magazine, Issue 2


Paul Michael Moreau – The Home

Paul Michael Moreau Paul Michael Moreau is an IT professional and author of speculative fiction living on the south coast of the United Kingdom. His work has appeared in Morpheus Tales, Sanitarium Magazine, and Perihelion Science Fiction with upcoming stories at Unsung Stories ( and the Raus Untoten! anthology series from Fringeworks.

Work on a novel is underway but his principle focus is on short fiction. For recent genre short fiction reading he recommends The Spectral Book of Horror Stories, particularly Stephen Volk’s Newspaper Heart. For a non-genre break, he suggests losing yourself in a collection of Anton Chekov’s masterpieces


Night Terrors – Morpheus Tales #21 2014
Morning Flight – Ethereal Tales Special Issue by Morpheus Tales Publishing
Black Mere –Sanitarium Magazine #16
The Screaming –Sanitarium Magazine #18
Ceres Beach Resort – Perihelion Science Fiction, May 2014 (online)
Low Tide –Sanitarium Magazine #24



Fr. Kevin Pentalow – The Old Ones

Fr Kevin PentalowFr. Kevin Pentalow is an Orthodox Catholic priest and a published writer and poet. He contributes many articles to local papers, international blogs, and magazines. Through his writing he won the NPR short fiction award of 2002, among other accolades. Reverend Pentalow is also a high-level Scottish rite freemason and has written extensively for masonic publications. He is also a well-respected icon painter, a musician, known for his diverse music projects.

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Last Words – Fifty Word Stories
Mountains of Emotions – The Great Outdoors, Neutrons Protons & Wilderness House Literary Review
Wasting Time – North Country Public Radio Online
Adventure World Magazine