Issue Ten


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Dark Fiction

Back-to-Nature – Scott T. Hutchison
Soft Feet – Mikey Hamm
Goodnight’s Alternative Carnival of Curiosities – Patrick Winters
Razor’s Edge – Timothy Wilkie
The Fourth Button – N. D. Coley
The Wolf – Helena Way
Do Nothing – Ian Mullins
Psycho Geography – Krista Bonello


Massacre Contributors

 Scott T. Hutchison – Back-to-Nature

Scott T. Hutchison’s work has appeared in such publications as Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, Postscripts to Darkness, and Star*Line. New work is forthcoming in The Carolina Quarterly, The Atlanta Review, The Fourth River, and Tar River Poetry.

Eating GlassBlue Bonnet Review
Interpose: A Love Story – Star*Line
The Boy Who Barked – Newfound
RoleHeroic Fantasy Quarterly


Mikey Hamm – Soft Feet

Mikey Hamm is a writer and artist living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He loves monsters, magic swords, psionic blasts, masked killers, death rays, and anything that opens up and oozes stuff, generally.
Mikey works as a support worker to a man with autism, and his documentary series about people with disabilities earned him a spot in Avenue Edmonton’s Top Forty Under Forty in 2016.
He is married to a hilarious woman with amazing hair named Stephanie, who is likely giving birth to their first child as you read this. I mean, only the first time you read this, not every time. She’s not trapped in a hellish, birth-giving limbo for all eternity or anything. That would be awful.
Mikey’s goals include becoming the world’s best dungeon master and losing ten pounds before the baby gets here.

 You can find Mikey here:
Twitter – @mikeymaybe

BugzapperOn Spec Magazine
To Move Those Goddamn Stars – The Canadian Science Fiction Review
I’m a HouseplantThe 40 Below Project


Patrick Winters – Goodnight’s Alternative Carnival of Curiosities

patrick-winters-picPatrick Winters is a recent graduate of Illinois College in Jacksonville, IL, where he earned a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. As a student, he was a co-editor in chief of the college’s literary and art magazine, Forte, and is a member of the international English honors society, Sigma Tau Delta. Winters is an avid listener of all things hard-rock and heavy-metal, a compendium of comic-book knowledge, can (and will) do a perplexing array of voice impersonations, and can bend his thumbs further back than any person should have the right/capability of doing. It is all quite odd . . .

You can find Patrick here:

Before the Ash, Damned Happy, Daniel’s Scream, & The StrangerSanitarium Magazine
Thoughts In Bed With Pain & Her Name’s Not JohnTrysts of Fate
Krampuslauf & Bad, Bad, BadDeadman’s Tome
ChirpGhostlight, The Magazine of Terror
Little Green ManDevolution Z
BeastThe Violet Hour Magazine
Mrs. KrampenFeverish Fiction


Timothy Wilkie – Razor’s Edge

Timothy Wilkie is a writer/artist, musician just relocated to Stone Ridge in upstate New York.  He has two grown boys – Justin and Blake. He was raised in Arizona amongst the cactus and the tumbleweed.

The Horror Zine
The 1001 Arabian NightsNonbinary Review
Sweet Meat – Massacre Magazine Issue 9


N. D. Coley – The Fourth Button

ndcoley-picN.D. Coley (BA, English Literature, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, 2005, MA, English, University of Pittsburgh, 2007)  currently serves as an instructor of English composition at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, Community College of Allegheny County, and the University of Phoenix.  In his spare time, he laments the human condition, reads dark, depressing literature, plays with his son, irritates his wife, and tries to keep a smile on his face. His work has previously appeared in the Indiana Voice Journal.

The Pumpkin Hatch
Indiana Voice Journal: 11/2016


Helena Way – The Wolf

Helena Way was born in Poland in 1994 but grew up in the North of England from the age of three. She enjoyed building imaginary worlds from an early age and started writing stories at eight years old. She moved to Australia at the age of eleven and following her parents’ divorce, moved to Poland. She attended a small private school with a heavy hazing culture, before moving to the South of England and enrolling at a low ranking state school. She wrote a story based on her experience with severe depression for the school anthology, published by First Story. She became interested in criminology following a fellow student’s failed school shooting attempt. She is currently editing her novel based on Columbine while studying Psychology and Law. Helena’s personal experience of discrimination lead to a wider interest in minority groups – she is learning the Lakota language and reading Native American mythology.

Flapjacks Anthology – First Story Limited


Ian Mullins – Do Nothing

Ian Mullins throws his towel into the ring from Liverpool, England. In between bouts of clerical work with a local hospital he writes stories, poems, novellas and novels in a variety of genres – anything that seems alive and almost kicking. His main meals are Campbell, Lovecraft and Ligotti, with side orders of Machen, Blackwood and Koja. The poems have found foster parents in over a hundred and fifty homes; the stories struggle to find even temporary accommodation. The novels are fast asleep on a park bench near you.

After The ShowHellfire Crossroads
Joy Of The WormThe Literary Hatchet
NightfishingMassacre Magazine Issue 4
You Only Haunt Yourself
Massacre Magazine Issue 8
Into The WoodsHellfire Crossroads
That SmellBlack Petals

Laughter In The Shape Of A Guitar – UB (


Krista Bonello – Psycho Geography

Krista has written several short stories, a couple of plays with a horror-twist, and regularly writes horror film reviews. She helps organise a local horror-fan community, and has delivered public talks on horror films. She has a passionate interest in horror and comedy, and often tries to explore connections between the two. She is also fascinated by stories of urban exploration.