Issue Thirteen

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Dark Fiction

The Return of Mister Shovel – Andrew Post
The Water Opens Wide and Swallows – G. C. Skelton
The Ghost by the Road – Kane Gordon
Let Out What’s Inside – Thomas Wood
Cannibals of the Hereafter – Kurt Jarram
A Translator of Souls – Julian Cardona
Blajin – Timothy Wilkie


Massacre Contributors

Andrew Post – The Return of Mister Shovel

Andrew Post is a novelist and a screenwriter. He lives in a sleepy river town with his wife, who is also an author, and their two dogs.

You can find Andrew here:
Twitter: @MegaDeluxo
Facebook: andrewpostauthor

Aftertaste – Skyhorse
Rusted Heroes – Medallion
The Siren House – Medallion
Sired by Stone – Medallion
Fabrick – Medallion
Knuckleduster – Medallion


G. C. Skelton – The Water Opens Wide and Swallows

Gorey Skelton lives a simple life of quiet dread, accompanied by a growing sense of unease and the feeling of an indefinable loss. This sometimes results in stories, which are now for the first time available to the unsuspecting public. An emerging writer based in L.A., Skelton enjoys horror and science fiction, and stories infused with a sense of the surreal and melancholy.


Kane Gordon – The Ghost by the Road

Kane’s work has been published in Hides the Dark Tower anthology, Devolution Z, The Big Book of Bootleg Horror Vol II & Vol IV and Outposts of Beyond (with Deborah Walker).

Hides the Dark TowerPole to Pole Publishing
Devolution Z (March 2016 & April 2016) – Moonriser Publishing
Outposts of Beyond (April 2016)– Alban Lake Publishing
The Big Book of Bootleg Horror Vol II; Vol IVHellbound Books Publishing


Thomas Wood – Let Out What’s Inside

Thomas Wood grew up in Ohio in the 1980s and while he wonders about the appropriateness of his early introduction to horror, he remains grateful for its influence on his writing (and career choices). He now lives in Wisconsin, and only scribbles sparingly on account of the two little boys who rule his home.

You can find Thomas here:
Twitter: @ThomasWoodWrite

Deep and DarkDark Moon Digest, Issue #20 (July, 2015)
Cold – Niteblade, Issue #30 (December, 2014)
Head of HouseholdHelloHorror, Issue #10 (August, 2014)
PreservedLiquid Imagination, Issue #20 (February, 2014)


Kurt Jarram – Cannibals of the Hereafter

Kurt Jarram is 30 and lives in Chester in the UK. After obtaining a BA Hon degree in literature with sociology he went on to train towards teaching in the lifelong learning sector but has recently abandoned a teaching career in order to focus on writing.
Drawing inspiration from a number of different genres, his work combines the supernatural with a gritty urban realism in an attempt to blur the lines between the fantastic and the every day. Maybe your local crack house is haunted. Maybe your toilet is watching you. Where does kebab-meat really come from? Where do lost children really go?
He lives in a not too terrible flat with his boyfriend and pet praying mantis.

Beheld – Twice the terror, The Horrorzine 2nd print anthology
ShockBunbury Creative anthology: volume 1


Julian Cardona – A Translator of Souls

Julian Cardona is an emerging writer who has always been intrigued by the intersection of Horror and Fantasy. Clive Barker’s Books of Blood and Hubert Selby Jr’s The Room impressed him so much that he realised that reading was not enough, so he decided to start writing at the age of 23. His idea of trying to blend fantastical elements with psychological horror has never really changed, but perhaps it has become a little less gory and a little more thoughtful throughout the years. At the moment Julian is finishing his debut Dark Fantasy novel which he hopes to send for publication at the end of 2018 and studying hard to improve his writing craft. When not writing, Julian teaches Statistics and Economics at a higher education institute. He lives in Malta with his wife and their enormous Great Dane, Pedro.

You can find Julian here:

Disequilibria: A collection of Horror Short Stories


Timothy Wilkie – Blajin

Timothy Wilkie is a writer/artist, musician relocated to Stone Ridge in upstate New York.  He has two grown boys – Justin and Blake. He was raised in Arizona amongst the cactus and the tumbleweed.

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