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March 2014

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Gary McMahon – Author of The Bones of You

Spring Flash Fiction
Imprint – Amdi Silvestri
One and Free – Dan Weatherer

22:22 – Alex Živko-Clark
Do You Know Who I Am? – Nicole Starbuck
Hurt – J. Kimber
Brigitte – I. Verse
Ponce De Leon was Such a Bloody Idiot – Frank Talaber
Hate – Joseph J. Patchen
Chewing the Shroud – C.C. Parker
The Gorgon’s Kiss – Stephanie Ellis
My Search for Perfection – Paul Holbrook
Nemesis – Eric LaRocca

Constructing Death – Anthony Crowley

Summer Contest


Steve Emmett talks to horror author Gary McMahon about all things horror.

The Bones of You Cover~

Massacre Contributors

Alex Živko-Clark – 22:22

Alex Zivko-ClarkAlex lives with his wife, Ines, in northern Croatia. Their portion of the world, with its mountains and shipyards and island-dotted seas is the perfect playground for authors and its terrain and vibrancy has leached into Alex’s stories many times.

You can follow Alex on Twitter: @AlexZivcoClark

Previous Publications

Utopia Dystopia – September ’13 issue of The Horror Zine
The Face of the Idiot – Hellfire Crossroads #1
The River Man – Morpheus Tales #22


Nicole Starbuck – Do You Know Who I Am?

Nicole Starbuck PicNicole Starbuck started scribbling as an infant and hasn’t stopped since. After receiving her BFA in Studio Art from the University of Arizona, she gathered her snow gear and settled in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. She splits her time between vendor relations and writing her heart out. She’s deeply fascinated by the inner workings of the human mind and is often caught contemplating the emotional significance of even the most mundane experiences. When she’s not working her retail magic, writing short stories, or prepping her three novels for publication, she enjoys curling up on the couch with her husband, two cats, and a large bowl of popcorn.

You can also find Nicole Starbuck here:
Facebook – Nicole Starbuck
Twitter – @nicole_starbuck

 Previous Publications

Halves and Pieces (novel) – Swoon Reads
Crushed (short story) – Splice Today


J. Kimber – Hurt

J. Kimber’s fiction has appeared in several anthologies and her passions are curling up with F. Scott Fitzgerald, Paul Auster, Edgar Allen Poe or Stephen King. She is currently studying for a degree in Humanities, lives in London, misses the sea and likes getting lost in the woods.

Previous Publications

‘Having Myself A Time’ in Typical Girls – Hodder and Stoughton

‘A Cake Story’ in Getting Even: Tales of Revenge – Serpent’s Tail


I. Verse – Brigitte

I Verse picVerse is a small Jack Russell terrier. He enjoys long walks, chasing rabbits and writing speculative fiction.

You can find out more about I. Verse here:
Twitter – @Verse1968
Facebook – impotent.verse

Previous Publications

Less Of Her – free read available from Smashwords, iTunes & Goodreads


Frank Talaber – Ponce de Leon was a Such a Bloody Idiot

Automotive Service Manager by day.  Writer by soul. Born on the wild Canadian prairies but immigrated to the cedar forests of coastal BC. Mated to a mad English woman, from gypsy ancestry, him not the wife. This is how muse is created, this is Frank Talaber. In the early hours of morning, when only cats stir and bobcats fear to tread he is writing, creating or making coffee. Stranger ways exist in the backwoods of Borneo, Australia or the American Bayou. But not here in the county of Bigfoot and hockey. So with a fond “Like how’s It going Eh!” Read on, at your peril.

 You can find out more about Frank Talaber here:

Previous Publications

Windsong – Smashwords

 And here are just a few of Frank’s many achievements
Jan 2012 (novel) Shaman’s Lure in Third place in Brighid’s Books Contest ~ April 2012 (Short Story) The Majestic Crane, Third place in The Times and Golden Ears Writer’s Group Contest ~ June 2012 (short Story article) When Buzzards Are Circling Your RV, Published in RV Times ~ June 2012 (short story article) When Buzzards Are Circling Your RV, Published in Snowbirds and RV Travellers Vol. 9 Issue 3.
Doors Were Closing (short story) Cyclamen and July 2012 ~ Jed CLampett/Texas Tea, (article) August 2012, RV Times ~ Jed CLampett/Texas Tea, (article) September 2012, Snowbirds and RV Travellers ~ Jed CLampett/Texas Tea, (article) Oct/Nov 2012, Snowbirds and RV Travellers  ~ Ponce DeLeon Was Such An Idiot (short story) Sept 2012, short listed Global short stories ~ Where’s The Dipstick, (article), RV Times, Jan-Feb, 2013 ~ Azrael’s Whispers (Short Story) Short-Listed London Magazine Dec 2013


Joseph J. Patchen – Hate

Joseph’s publication credits include Dark Waters Press, Creepy Pasta, Hello Horror, Your Title Here, Schlock! Webzine, Microhorror, Flashes In The Dark, The Carnage Conservatory, High Tide, CT.Boom.Com, Three Minute Plastic, Terribly Good Stuff, Death Throes Webzine, Surreal Grotesque,, FeatherTales, Night to Dawn and Slit Your Wrists!, Nightmare Illustrated, Smashed Cat and Hellnotes.

His podcasts include: Blackout City Podcast (2 episodes) and Surreal Grotesque Podcast (3 episodes).

His anthology credits include: Rigorous Mortis, 31 More Nights of Halloween, Tales for the Toilet, You Can’t Kill Me, I’m Already Dead: A Vampire Anthology, Aliens, Sex and Sociopaths: The Best of Surreal Grotesque, Feast of the Dead, 100 Doors to Madness, and Ugly Babies.

His dollar dreadful titled “Corpses Don’t Bleed” was published by BizarrEBooks.

He is also the resident literary critic for

You can find out more about Joseph J. Patchen here:


C. C. Parker – Chewing the Shroud

C. C. Parker lives in Seattle.  A writer of experimental horrors in the mid-to-late 90s & early 2000s – publishing in such mags as Chimeraworld, Bare Bone & Flesh & Blood, etc . . . Over the past decade he has become increasingly fascinated with the hermetic arts.  Alchemy, Gnosticism & the like.  Philosophies in sync with how he sees the world. Now, drawing on surrealism, mythology & personal wakefulness.  A writer of both medieval & futuristic romances.

Previous Publications

Chimeraworld, Bare Bone, Flesh & Blood, Lullaby Hearse, Decadence 2, Cherry Bleeds


Stephanie Ellis – The Gorgon’s Kiss

S EllisStephanie Ellis is currently a Teaching Assistant in a Southampton secondary school but previously worked for many years as a technical author.  Her short stories, firmly based in the horror genre, have found success with a variety of publishers and over the coming year will be found in the Fringeworks anthologies – Raus! Untoten!, Last Diner, Deadman’s Tales and Cadavers as well as the future Distorted Perceptions anthology by Death Throes Publishing.
She also dabbles in poetry (printed in local and national press) and has recently distorted a number of favourite childhood nursery rhymes into something darker and more sinister, these can be found on her own website.
Her own taste in reading varies widely from Terry Pratchett, to Bernard Cornwell to current favourite Neil Gaiman – and oh yes, Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe also get a look in.

You can find out more about Stephanie Ellis here: (where she is also a staff reviewer)
Twitter: @el_stevie

Previous Publications

Beiwe –  Sanitarium Magazine, Issue 15
The Sandman’s Warning – Far Off Places Magazine, Under the Bed Issue
One, Two, I See You – 100 Words or Less Horror Horror Stories, PopCorn Horror
Poems in What the Dickens ezine, Issues 4, 5, 6 and 8


Paul Holbrook – My Search for Perfection

dv coverPaul Holbrook has had a terrible problem for a great many years.  His mind is tormented with visions; horrible, desperate images and disturbing ideas bursting from within his troubled psyche.  On the advice of his psychotherapist, (who will only have telephone contact after a regrettable incident), he decided to write them down rather than acting on them.  His family and friends are grateful.
Paul has recently completed his first novel ‘Memento Mori’, a dark Victorian gothic tale of murder and Post-Mortem photography.
During daylight hours, he manages to hold down a job, something which provides him with no end of inspiration.  In the darkness of the night however he can be heard cackling maniacally and expressing his darker side.
He is currently writing his second novel ‘Domini Mortum’ the sequel to ‘Memento Mori’.
Please enjoy his work. It keeps him a little saner.

You can find Paul Holbrook on Facebook: and follow him on Twitter:

Previous Publications

The Book of the Dead – Caraticus P. Holbrook.  A collection of horror poems and short stories.
Chain Me Not In Heaven – Massacre Magazine Issue 1


Eric LaRocca – NEMESIS

Eri LaRocca PicEric LaRocca is a writer and long-time admirer of the grotesque and the bizarre. Naturally, his childhood peers found his obsession with Tennessee Williams and Dario Argento rather peculiar. Although not yet 21, he has had the honour of having his work published in the US as well as in the UK. He is also the author of several plays. Many of his theatrical works have seen production in his native state of Connecticut as well as in the East Village of New York City. Most recently, his play, Parasite, was performed by New York based theatre troupe, La Petite Morgue. He is currently at work on completing an anthology of short horror stories that concentrate on the sub genre of “body-horror,” titled Body Shock. After completing his freshman year at the University of Connecticut, he is continuing to pursue his Undergraduate education at Western Connecticut State University.

You can find out more about Eric LaRocca here:
Twitter: @ejlarocca

Previous Publications

Aftertaste – Dark Moon Digest (as E.J. LaRocca)
Aftertaste – Sanitarium
Splinters – The Horror Zine


Anthony Crowley – Constructing Death

anthony crowleyAnthony Crowley is an author of horror and supernatural literature, and a non-fiction author of esoteric studies and philosophy. He also writes poetry, magazine articles, website blogs and song lyrics, and composes a little music. His new novel The Mirrored Room is out soon, and a new website is due sometime this year. He is also the author of the best seller The Light Of Keeps Passage (2010).
His other hobbies are creating art and illustrations, and photography. The Fallen Angel dark verse literature recently featured in Sanitarium Magazine, Issue 014, which was also mentioned in a Halloween special ‘Devils Jukebox’ radio podcast, presented by Doctor Snake-voodoo Witchdoctor.

You can find out more about Anthony Crowley here:
Twitter –  @crowley_anthony
Facebook – AnthonyCrowley.Author

Previous Publications

Sanitarium – Issues 014 ,015, 016
Bloodborn Magazine
The Light of Keeps Passage
Massacre Magazine Issue 1
Peripheral Distortions Anthology ,Vol.1  (Death Throes publishing)